About Us

Why Was Heartfelt Harvest Started?

Caught between layoffs, downsizing and rising costs, more Americans are relying on food banks to keep their families from going hungry.

Some 37 Million people are living in poverty. 27 million are on food stamps. 12.4 million children are at risk of hunger–those were the frightening statistics before the economic downturn. Now, as job losses continue to mount, more Americans find themselves wondering where their next meal will come from and what that
meal will be.

Across the country there are long lines at food banks and pantries. Relief groups are getting hit hard by the same economic factors affecting those they serve. In these tough times they need the support from caring, everyday Americans more than ever.

Heartfelt Harvest was started to help change lives for the better. Our goal is to help eradicate hunger. Won’t you please help? Call us at 248-885-3651