Our Achievements 2008-Present.  Here’s parts of from my speech for our “Get to Know Us” event. I reviewed our accomplishments since we opened, and boy have we done a lot! Some of you may have had more of a part in some of the things below, others not, due to scheduling issues. I just wanted everyone to know what we have or will accomplish. So you can talk about them.

In addition to providing help to 4 pantries and 2 soup kitchens. We helped in Flint. We provide the food each month to the First Methodist Church in downtown Farmington for their monthly soup kitchen. This went well these past several months so, we should consider continuing it.

We also gave out 100 coats for the homeless in conjunction with St. Thomas church (that’s the church next to the pantry) for Fresh Start Detroit, as well as 50 coats and hats for Farmington/Farmington Hill’s families, plus another 50 infant/children’s hats for Good fellow’s. I hope we do this again. We have been donating a lot to Project Hope Pet Clinic. I meet with Pat the founder, at least twice a month to give them pet food and misc. items. They are truly appreciative of our donations. We will continue doing this.

We have also helped many our local churches that have contacted us in need at various times. It’s hard to remember them all.

For 2017, we have several things already scheduled for this year. We will be taking Easter Baskets to kids and the Elderly in Beaumont Hospital this April. We will be holding, A Taste of Two Cities fundraiser in September. And hopefully a few more fundraisers’. We are adding the addition of a junior volunteer group. We have someone that will be overseeing this group. Our goal is to get the younger generation involved with us.

Cathy Deleo, Founder