Heartfelt Harvest’s motto is “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.” We have partnered with local businesses to get their “day old” items. Our volunteers pick up the items every morning, Sunday thru Saturday and deliver it directly to the food pantries in the same local area as the businesses are servicing.

Call us today for a pick up at 248-885-3651

What is Heartfelt Harvest?
Heartfelt Harvest fills a pressing need in our communities. So with a desire to help others and a generous spirit, Heartfelt Harvest was founded to help eradicate hunger by providing food for friends and neighbors who are struggling financially.

How Can My Store Help?
Heartfelt Harvest represents an independent, grass roots, non-profit organization. Our charity makes a sustainable impact to people in need, right here in our local communities.

A Heartfelt Harvest volunteer will come to your store to pick the items up. We can arrange a pick up schedule that fits your needs whether it’s daily, weekly or as needed. We would welcome your help, please call us at 248-885-3651.

Heartfelt Harvest is a 501c3.